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Faiths of Sublanarya: Frigo the Enigma

Frigo the Enigma is one of the more obscure cults of Sublanarya. They are a god shrouded in mystery and ambiguity but there are enough facts to give some clues to scholars of their origins and place in the cosmos. Frigo's story can be broken up into three acts: birth, death, and ascension.

Frigo was born as the son of Hecate but the mysterious god's father is a mystery himself but usually attributed to a scandalous meeting with Grimnir Blue-Cloak himself. The amiable rivalry between these two gods is well known. While Hecate schemes to unthrone Grimnir as the patriarch of the gods, their rivalry has bred admiration. Adherents to both gods would probably deny this relationship but most who follow Frigo agree that this union is the most probable for the outcome.

Regardless, Frigo was raised by his mother as a girl. But this is not why Frigo is called "The Androdgyne".

It is said that Frigo used the magic gifted upon him by his mother to travel freely throughout the planes under her careful watch. On one fateful afternoon, Frigo in a sacred place forbidden to male eyes: the Baths of Pallas.

The Baths of Pallas were constructed for use by the goddesses and their priestesses after the adherents of Soffia and Fiona demanded a tribute from defeated forces that had insulted the goddesses with their brutalization of women. The defeated kings built a massive temple complex atop a natural spring. It is said the spring water had many curative properties and that the goddesses themselves visited them from time to time. Lastly, the Baths of Pallas were forbidden to the eyes of mortal or immortal men.

And so it was that poor Frigo, a more feminine and beautified male there may have never been, found himself interrupting a bath between goddesses. The gaze of male eyes were detected by the goddesses and he was struck dead for the blasphemy. When the goddesses discovered that the boy was the son of Hecate, they realized there would be consequences and acted quickly. They lay his body in the healing waters of the Baths of Pallas and, miraculously, the powers of the water resurrected Frigo. Except the curative powers of the water had transmogrified the young god.

Frigo was no longer a boy but nor was Frigo a girl. Frigo had become both and neither. Frigo had been transformed into "the Androgyne God". Straddling the boundary between the worlds feminine and masculine, Frigo represents the unknown and the intangible. Frigo's worshipers are scholars seeking to unravel the mysteries of the universe and magic users seeking to push the limits of their magic.

Furthermore, Frigo's complexity makes them the god of identity and peoples with self-identity outside of the normal paradigm seek guidance from the god of freaks and outcasts in how to accept themselves and how to seek acceptance from others.


The Enigma, The Mystery, The Secret Keeper, The Androgyne, The Punished Soul


Power Level
Lesser Deity

A crucified humanoid

Astral Plane

Magic, Identity, Mystery, Knowledge, Solitude

Suggested Domains
Arcana, Knowledge

Magic users, scholars, philosophers, LGBT, loners

Favored Weapon

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