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Monster Mash: K is for Kinnar

The kinnar are depicted in the tapestries and mosaics of palaces. They are beautiful and enigmatic creatures, resembling fey humans with flowing hair from the waist up and exotic, colorful and long-legged flightless two-tailed birds from the waist down, and they are always a pair: the male kinnara and the female kinnari.

Created By Love.  Kinnar are often hunted by fey who either despise their beauty or goodness, desire their feathers for fashion, or wish to capture them to perform. They are usually difficult to catch, as they don't require food, water or even sleep, instead meditating in each other's embrace for brief stints under the night sky.

Kinnar are love-sick creatures obsessed with their mates from the moment they meet. They are literally created in the the Twilight Realm of Dawn from feelings of unrequited love. Due to the fey lords sending hunters after them, the kinnar often escape to the relative safety of the material plane where they are legendary.

The shy and cautious creatures generally avoid humans. They live in remote jungles and forests away from prying eyes. But they have a weakness that lures them from safety towards other creatures. Kinnar are attracted to burgeoning love.

Drawn to Love.  Kinnar can detect romantic thoughts from a long distance. When they detect these thoughts, they are attracted to the scene. If the love is strong enough, they are drawn to it like a magnet and cannot resist. They seek the young couple out and, if they appear to be alone, the kinnar will perform a ritualistic dance and sing for them. In many couples this is believed to be a powerful blessing and it is considered bad karma to ignore the endorsement of two lover's romance by the kinnar. After performing, they will usually return from whence they came.

Sometimes their desire to witness romance is used against the kinnar.

Exotic hunters who specialize in catching the most exotic creatures will attract the kinnar by throwing parties for the young or bringing a new couple close to the area where the kinnar have been sighted, so that they can set up a trap. They then capture the kinnar and sell them to wealthy nobility that would keep them for entertainment. They are valued as divine creatures by many cultures and their performances are said to have many magical qualities. Their dance is often their best defense as it usually charms creatures that see it for the first time long enough for the kinnar to escape but there will always be hunters who find ways to counteract the effect.

Til Death Do Us Part. Hurting the kinnar is considered extremely bad karma and killing a kinnar is a terrible act. If one kinnar of a pair is slain, the other kinnar will go mad. It will sing a song that has been known to kill and attack the responsible party, and all around it, until it literally collapses and dies of a broken heart.

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Making a Character for Sublanarya: The Setting Guide Abridged


So, you're about to make a character for a campaign set in Sublanarya?

Welcome to the 5th Age 
Sublanarya is a region central to the history and future of the world of Narya. The name of this region itself translates to "the knowable world" because the empires that have divided this region are not interested in what lies across the unconquerable seas to the east, west and south of this land. It is the 67th century since the end of the Wyrd Wars, a period of tumultuous upheaval at the end of the Ancient Epoch, and it is now the 5th Age of the Current Epoch. The 5th Age is called the Tytanyan Age.

The 5th Age began almost two hundred years ago when an alliance was formed between Queen Tytanya of the iaurdin (high elves) of Saesun and the chromatic dragon tyrant Typhon the Red. This alliance, called the Tytanyan Pact, was formed to end a civil war between human kingdoms in Saesun. The metallic dragons were driven to extinction, the dwarves were displaced from their homeland (again), and western Thule was conquered by the pact. The region conquered by the pact is an imperial colony called Albyon. The pact ended its expansionist assault a few decades ago but that doesn't mean this is a period of peace. War seems inevitable.

In response to the rise of this super power, the "thousand kingdoms of Thule" have consolidated into larger nation states and joined together as a pro-human confederacy united against any future invasions by the elves.

Meanwhile, the empires of Ptah-Hamut to the southwest and Raj-Hamut to the southeast and the Holy Imperium to the east have reached a stalemate in their three-way war. They all now seek to gain an advantage in the shifts in the balance of power caused by the emergence of the Tytanyan Pact. The Jalatian and Najadadi merchants also seek opportunity in the conflict, while remaining a neutral party, thanks to their control of the trade routes through central sea of Zafaria.

As a player character, you are an exceptional person who may be able to turn the tide in the favor of whichever power you ally yourself with. The powers that be seek mercenaries, heroes and professionals that they can put to important tasks that can tip the scales in their favor. Or perhaps you merely an adventurer, seeking opportunity for fame and fortune, who finds themselves trying to make a living and do some good in contentious times.

It is up to you, your fellow players and the game master to determine what sort of game this is going to be. And it is up to your game master to present you with opportunities and you to decide which ones to take.

Creator's Note: My design style has been described as "throwing everything in, including the kitchen sink" but I consider it a smörgåsbord of flavors, themes and topics to explore. Please enjoy. 

So, Who Are You?
The purpose of this article is to inspire you and give you resources to create your character, their backstory and their motivations. In order to do so, it is important to consider where they are from and what race they are. These dictate much about their worldview and position before the game.

Character Crunch: Warforged Errata

Mechanical servants who became self-aware.

Warforged in Sublanarya are found in only one place: Mithrak the City of Progress

Warforged are artificial automatons, mostly made of metal and wood and built to resemble humans, created by commission, based on ancient dwarven designs of soldiers from a Wyrd War army, as a collaboration between artificers and other magic users. They require a tiny spark of the divine to create, usually combined from the creators souls, and all have instructions placed inside their heads when created. They are all born as slaves.

Warforged are owned by the various corporations that rule Mithrak. They, generally speaking, are simple minded. They are created to do specific tasks, such as working part of an assembly line or cleaning floors or building structures. They are not meant to have individuality. But that doesn't stop many warforged from becoming self-aware individuals. While some companies inhumanely destroy these evolved warforged when they pop up, others have taken a more civil approach and instead take advantage of the advanced warforged's new faculties by putting them to more appropriate tasks and/or treating them as employees, complete with a salary, that is completely loyal to their master corporation.

Other warforged become free, either by buying themselves or by the mercy of others. All awakened warforged seek to form their own identity and seek cohabitation with other conscious life-forms even if they face fear and discrimination from the ignorant.

Currently, it is illegal to design warforged capable of hurting other humanoids but it seems inevitable that warforged will once again match their names. Importantly, self-aware warforged ignore this basic programming.

Warforged are a great race to play out the sci-fi fantasy concept of artificial intelligence but you should ask your GM before picking to play a warforged.

Ability Score Increase. Increase your Constitution by 2 and your Strength by 1.
Age. Warforged are born fully mature, never age and are practically immortal.
Alignment. Warforged tend to have lawful alignments, as their minds tend to be more logically designed than the average mortal with a tendency towards order, and lean towards good or neutral morality since, before they become self-aware, they are generally designed to do no harm to people.
Size. Warforged are built to work and operate in buildings designed for human workers and are usually exactly six feet tall. You are medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Artificial Armor. You have a tough body made of wood and steel. When you aren't wearing armor, your AC is 18. You can use your artificial armor to determine your AC if the armor you wear would leave you with a lower AC. A shield's benefits apply as normal while you use your artificial armor. You have disadvantage on all Stealth skill checks while moving.
Living Construct. Even though you were constructed, you are a living creature. You are immune to disease. You do not need to eat or breathe, but you can ingest food and drink if you wish.
Instead of sleeping, you enter an inactive state for 4 hours each day. You do not dream in this state; you are fully aware of your surroundings and notice approaching enemies and other events as normal.

Built for Labor. Warforged are built for a purpose, whether building things or cleaning them, and therefore are specialized. You gain proficiency in one skill and one tool set of your choice.
Languages. Warforged speak common and one other language of your choice. 

Character Crunch: Merfolk

In every port tavern in Sublanarya, there is a salty sailor who will tell anyone willing to listen about their encounter with the mysterious, secretive and almost legendary merfolk. They talk of humanoids with skin, hair and eyes as colorful as the tropical fish of the sea. They are humanoid from the pelvis up and usually have a fish's tail, pointed fin-like ears, webbed fingers, and gills. Some tell stories of being rescued from shipwrecks by sympathetic maids with glimmering tails and others claim to have been held prisoner in underwater dungeons for days. There are stories of domed underwater cities and mobile fortresses built on the backs of great sea leviathans. These would all seem to be tall tales but, every now and then, evidence points to the contrary.

The truth is that merfolk prefer to keep to themselves. Land dwellers have their problems and sea dwellers have their own problems. In the opinion of the merfolk, it is better this way. Too often has the greed and ambition of land dwellers threatened their civilizations and so, they remain elusive, enigmatic and ever just out of sight. If the mortals could see the wonders that the merfolk have built, they would be enchanted.

Merfolk build great cities at the bottom of the sea, often magically sealed like great bubbles of glass, as far and secure from threats from above as possible, and built to defend themselves against their enemies such as the sahaguin. They also guard themselves and the rest of the world against ancient horrors that, if they weren't kept at bay, could destroy the world. This is why they are cautious to allow strangers into their cities. They fear subterfuge, whether intentional or accidental, from those who wouldn't understand the costs of their actions.

As individuals, merfolk are curious about the world above, even if they're generally forbidden to interact with it. Those that do are often reprimanded or even punished by being exiled from the great cities. Still, some merfolk can't help but want to know more. The sea floor is littered with the shipwrecks. The merfolk salvage these ships for valuables, especially coveting magical items and machinery, but also cultural items like clothing, which is odd as most merfolk wear little clothing except as accessories, and books, which contain the knowledge that many merfolk crave as entertainment, are particularly popular on the "treasure market".

As for merfolk adventurers, they tend to be chosen by the gods of the sea, especially Delfina, to receive the gift to transform between their flippered and bipedal forms. These chosen emissaries are seen as blessed by some merfolk civilizations and cursed by others. Those are the merfolks that players can choose to play in Sublanarya. They tend to be spellcasters, from druids and clerics to witches and wizards, as well as martial classes like rogues and rangers.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity, Intelligence and Wisdom scores each increase by 1.
Age. Merfolk reach maturity by age 20 and can live up to 200 years.
Alignment. A merfolk's alignment, like the sea, tends to be not governed by the tides. They tend towards neutrality but merfolk nobility tends toward lawful alignments and merfolk that live apart from their underwater city tend towards chaotic alignments.
Size. Merfolk are medium sized humanoids.
Speed. Merfolk have a base walking speed of 30 feet in their land form and have a swim speed that is 2/3 of your base walking speed (min. 20 feet).
Amphibious. Merfolk can breathe air and water.
Dark Vision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of grey.
Sea-Borne. You have a deep understanding of sea-life. You can communicate simple ideas with beasts that live in the sea or breathe water. They can understand the meaning of your words, though you have no special ability to understand them in return. You also have advantage on identifying sea-life with Intelligence (Nature) checks and dealing with sea-life with Wisdom (Animal Handling) checks).
Of the Depths. You have a resistance to cold damage and you ignore any of the drawbacks caused by a deep, underwater environment.
Emissary of the Sea. You have the ability to polymorph between a land form and an aquatic form as a bonus action. When you shift into the aquatic form, you can only move yourself on land while prone and your walking speed becomes 1/3 of your base walking speed in your land form. Your swim speed becomes 10 feet faster than your base walking speed in your land form.
The gear on your lower body magically melds or changes to fit your aquatic or land forms. 
Bounty of the Sea. Merfolk have learned many skills by observing human civilization and studying their shipwrecks. You gain proficiency in two skills and/or sets of tool proficiencies of your choice.
Extra Languages. In addition to common, you can also speak, understand, write, read in Aquan and one additional language.

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L is for Loong (Oriental Dragon) Bonus Teaser: Seiryuu the Azure Dragon

L is for Loong

When an imugi finds or is granted a yeoiju, a glowing wish orb, it transforms into the ultimate form of its life cycle-- the loong dragon.

The metamorphosis take the imugi, an embodiment of natural landmarks, to the next level of power and prestige. Loong dragons are powerful spirits, able to command the elements to punish the wicked, and command respect from "mere mortals" with their impressive knowledge, magical prowess, and material wealth. Despite often being imbued with a sense of pride and entitlement, loong are servants of The Celestial Order and follow the commands of their betters.

Even evil dragons like the Yin-Loong, Gui-Loong and Tai-Foon-Loong are reigned in by the strict laws and commands that come from the Tien-Loong. Only the Doong-Loong ignores the rule of law but also avoid the attention of their betters. The only beings that they respect as equals are gods and the only beings they respect as their betters is their patron gods: Seiryuu the Azure Dragon and Oryu the Yellow Dragon Emperor.

Wish Jewels. Yeojiu are an extremely valuable treasures. They resemble glowing gold-yellow orbs. They are traded among the gods in the Celestial City as a valuable commodity since they can grant powerful wishes. Among loong dragons, they are symbols of status and, most importantly, they can allow an imugi to become a loong dragon and loong dragons can consume them to reach higher tiers of power and prestige in the divine order of loong-dragons.

Lesser Loong

 Yu-Loong (Carp) N

Perhaps the least of the lesser Loong, yu-loong nevertheless have a humble beginning that proves through hard work, perseverance and a little hope, anything is possible.

Yu-Loong begin life as a carp in the Clear-Water Pool at the bottom of the Dragon-Gate Mountain. This pool is famously visited by Seiryuu the Azure Dragon, who has been seen several times by priests of a nearby temple, before it travels up the mountain and through a legendary Dragon-Gate said to rest at the top. Perhaps inspired by his majesty, the carp swim upriver, waterfall and mountain, climbing higher and higher, to reach the Dragon-Gate. Many yu-loong grow tired and return to the pool below, but a few manage to climb to the top and leap over the Dragon-Gate. The carp that manage this achievement transform into a yu-loong or "carp dragon".

They are the smallest loong and are known for their particularly fish-like scales, long whiskers and finned spines. They primarily eat fish, frogs, and crustaceans. They defend themselves with electric pulses that they create by ripple muscular organs along their bodies and a steaming breath.

Yu-Loong are natural spirits who inhabit ponds and streams, especially near temples. They are peaceful and curious creatures, known to help drowning fisherman, but punish those who would over-fish or spoil the beauty of nature.

A yu-loong can transform into a gui-loong or chaing-loong by acquiring enough wish jewels.

Doong-Loong (Cave) CE

An imugi can be corrupted by loneliness and great evil. It then seeks out to destroy another lesser dragon to steal its wish jewel and consume it. Such creatures transform into twisted and insane loong that are dangerous to all but themselves.

The doong-loong resembles a draconic serpent and notably doesn't have limbs. They compensate with a quick and powerful body, striking out with venomous bites and breath and/or crushing their prey with their muscular forms. These vile creatures are the foulest of the loong and are punished by being repelled by light and only leave their lairs at night. They usually keep their distance from civilization and are found in jungle or desert caverns.

Doong-loong are found in caves and often rule over primitives as false gods, demanding human sacrifices, and conspiring against do-gooders.

Doong-loong are incapable of reaching higher stages of power.

Yang-Loong (Good Fortune) NG

The Yang-Loong are relatively small lesser dragons but one of the more benevolent and friendly of their kind. 

They are born from imugi who, despite losing their spiritual home, rise above their anger towards mortals and help others. These imugi are often rewarded by Shen and Tien-Loong with a wish jewel that transforms them into a true loong. 

Yang-Loong have canine features like soft fur, wet black noses and long tongues. They are omnivorous and like human food & drink. They are not particularly strong compared to greater dragons but do breathe holy fire. Their most notable feature is their good fortune, which they are granted by karma, and share among their allies. They are often called "fortune" or "luck" dragons.

Yang-Loong embody positivity and provide assistance to mortals. They befriend heroes, guide leaders and defend the weak. Since they're not tied to any particular feature of the land, they are driven by a wander lust, and travel across the land either in their true form or in the guise of animals and/or humanoids. They are the fastest fliers besides the greater dragons. They are the dragons who understand and related to mortals best.

A yang-loong can become a shen-loong by acquiring enough wish jewels.

Yin-Loong (Bad Fortune) NE

Yin-Loong are the complimentary opposites of yang-loong and, together, are symbolic of the concept of yin-yang or "dark and light".

While yang-loong are born of imugi who overcame their misfortune and used the opportunity to help others, yin-loong are wrathful, vengeful and ambitious spirits who seek power. They often achieve metamorphosis into a true dragon by stealing a wish jewel or tricking humans into aiding them.

Yin-Loong always have extremely dark appearances with soft spines, shark features and red eyes that hold contempt for others. They are carnivores and enjoy fine meals. They have ethereal abilities that help them escape their enemies and magical knowledge they use to take advantage of their enemies. Their breath weapon is shadow and saps the life of its victims.

Yin-Loong are scheming creatures that seek to attain power, prestige and comfort. They take advantage of mortals, demanding appeasement from fearful locals in their territory, trick mortals into bad deals, and assist similarly ambitious mortals. They have no mercy for those that cross them but have been known to develop friendships with mortals who impress them enough to earn their respect.

A yin-loong can use wish jewels to become a li-loong, tai-foon-lung, or huo-lung.

Middle Lung

Gui-Loong (Lake) LE

Gui-Loong are born from yu-loong that acquire wish jewels through theft. They are the greediest among the loong dragons and known for their cunning schemes.

Dwelling in lairs at the bottom of deep lakes, gui-loong resemble massive tortoises with spiked shell, a fiece draconic head and a long tail. Despite their weighty appearance, they are extremely swift in the water and even capable of flying at slow speeds. They eat all manner of marine life and breath gouts of fire and steam. Their shells prove them with impressive armor and the plating is comparable to admantine armor. They are capable of summoning small storms and are sometimes called upon to use them to destroy small villages and towns by greater dragons but are usually left to their own devices.

Gui-Loong have been known to terrorize the country-side when unchecked but luckily spend most of their time guarding their wealth. Their avarice is a weakness as it often results in them taking unnecessary risks and they have a penchant for gambling.

All four loong-wang were once gui-loong that acquired enough wish jewels to become kings of the sea.

Li-Loong (Mountain) LN

A li-loong is the most reclusive loong dragon and has the most unusual appearance amongst its kin:

Li-Loong are built more like quadrapedal metallic or chromatic dragons with a lion-like body and main, felnoid draconic faces, large bull-like horns, a serepentine tail and bat-like wings. Their foreepaws are large with strong claws for digging. This comes in handy as li-loonng live in tunnels they dig into the mountains. They only emerge to hunt and devastate their foes with a wicked acidic breath. The li-loong is a threat to armored foes and can damage metal armor with the sting of its tail. They are also capable of causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The lin-loong are reclusive creatures that prefer solitude. They are sometimes called upon by shen or tien-loong to create earthquakes to punish the wicked or to reward good mortals by guiding them to rich mineral deposits.

Li-Loong are capable of becoming huo-loong by acquiring wish jewels but rarely have the ambition to do so.

Chaing-Loong (River) LG

The chaing-loong are the loong most commonly feared and/or revered among common folk in Mugen. They are river spirits that reward the righteous and punish the wicked, demanding respect from those who live along rivers and causeways, and are the most respectable loong below the greater loong.

Chaing-Loong are notable for the reflective scales, dual-pronged horns, and spined crests. They eat marine vegetation and have a deep respect for all living things. Chaing-Loong are equipped with a potent burning steam breath and can summon rains that can bring prosperity or flooding to the countryside.

They generally avoid human attention, preferring a light touch, but will intervene against great evils with a powerful sense of honor and duty.

Chaing-Loong can ascend to the heavens, as a shen-loong, if they acquire enough wish jewels.

Tai-Foon-Loong (Storm) CE

Even the loong need destroyers and tai-foon-loong are the difficult embodiment of the storm among loong-kind.

Tai-Foon-Loong have the heads of shark, with a foul of razer sharp teeth, and an eel like body covered in pointed plates. They are carnivorous and spend much of their time hunting for food in the ocean. They are armed with incredible speed, on air or in sea, and lightning breath. The most noteworthy feature of the tai-foon-loong are its powerful wings which are use to raise storms whether powerful hurricanes, devastating tornadoes or even sandstorms. They are often commanded to summon storms by shen and tien-loong but often go rogue as they enjoy the carnage. In this situation, only a tien-loong can reign in a destroyer.

Tai-Foon-Loong have no interest in wish jewels.

Greater Lung

Loong-Wang (Seas) LN

All loong-wang were once gui-loong but there are only four loong-wang. Three are kings of the North, South, and East Seas of Unarya. There is only boiling desert and volcanoes to the west but the fourth king resides in the plane of Malnostra. Occasionally, the fourth king's palace appears in Muspellheim's red desert. These four dragons are demi-gods that rule over their ocean territory with impunity.

Xuon (North) rules the northern sea between Midgard and Shard. Xuon is a mysterious and powerful king who has intervened on Mugen's behalf on invasions from Shard. Xuon has black scales and purple eyes.

Zhu (South) rules the southern sea and is the youngest of the loong-wang. Zhu is called the "Cinnabar Dragon" because of his red scales and has been known to throw parties for the dragon gods. He has no brides or daughters and has been known to have a weakness for beautiful women.

Bairon (West) rules from a palace on the elemental plane of water, Malnostra, but appears in Muspellheim from time time. He often brings about earthquakes with his appearances before returning to the plane of Malnostra. Bairon has bright white scales and blue eyes.

Ao Guang (East) is the most notorious of the dragon kings and lives in an opulent palace with many treasures, brides, daughters and servants. Ao Guang is the leader of the dragon kings and is known for his impressive coat of emerald and gold scales. Famously, the monkey king Wukong stole many magical treasures from Ao Guang.

All loong-wang are adapted with aquatic features such as flatter bodies and fin-like claws resembling prehistoric behemoths. They are carnivorous but throw diverse banquets. They often have powerful magical artifacts in their collections that they use as symbols of powers and in combat. They can create powerful sonic blasts under water with their voices that are capable of igniting their enemies. Lung-Wang create tsunami tides when angered.

Loong-Wang have similar combat stats to the Gui-Loong but are also powerful sorcerers between level 12 and 16. A loong-wang is so powerful that it would never seek a higher form.

Huo-loong (Fire) LN

Among the greater dragons, huo-loong are the warrior class that are chosen to be guardians of important places and holy relics. They are extremely clever and usually cool under pressure, but relish the opportunity to fight.

Huo-Loong are iconic: with a long green twisting reptillian body adorned with red & gold fur and quills like flames that make them an immediate sight standing in wait guarding a tomb or flying over a city as a threat from the heavens. Huo-Loong are also iconic for their flaming breath that is the hottest among dragons and have destroyed entire cities with their flames.

While they are usually loyal to the shen and tien, occasionally huo-loong become jealous of their masters and plot against them, especially if they feel the task they've been rewarded is beneath their prestige.

The huo-loong is among the highest forms a loong can take and only a corrupted huo-loong would desire a higher form.

Shen-Loong (Wind) NG

Shen-Loong are the peacemakers and messengers of heaven: they act as intermediaries between the tian-loong and the other loong dragons. They are scholarly bureaucrats, when need be, but temper their logic and knowledge with experience and compassion. It is their duty to keep an eye on their colleagues.

The shen-loong are blessed with avian features like raptor talons, feathers and a pair of extremely powerful wings. In combat, shen-loong can use their wings to knock opponents aside with great gusts of wind or can freeze their opponents with a chilling breath. Surprisingly different from other dragons, they are vegetarians and only attack defensively. 

It is generally considered good luck to see a shen-loong by humans and shen-loong are known to be generous patrons.

A shen-loong can become a tien-loong if the previous tien-loong retires from reality or is destroyed.

Tien-Loong (Heaven) LG

The Tien-Loong is the lord of loong dragonkind and possesses a supernatural view & understanding of the world. They oversee the other dragons from the heavens above, commanding them to tasks, punishing those that step out of line and rewarded the obedient with the opportunity to ascend to greater heights.

Tien-Loong has gold, silver and/or white scales and a billowing mane of white or silver hair that always seems to be blowing in the wind. They do not require food and instead gather energy from the atmosphere. Tien-Loong is rarely seen by mortal eyes except when a tai-foon-loong takes a storm too far or an outsider threatens the world. In these cases, it uses its arcane powers, force ki breath and a tempest that appears alongside the dragon lord's breath.
There is only ever one Tien-Loong, if they disappear or destroyed, a shen-loong ascends to take their place, and they answer only to Seiryuu the Azure Dragon and Kyo the Yellow Dragon Emperor.


Seiryuu, also called the Ryujin, is one of the five principle or celestial gods of Mugen, alongside Genbu the Black Tortoise, Byakko the White Tiger and Suzaku the Vermillion Bird, under the command of Oryu the Yellow Dragon ruling from the center of the universe.

Seiryuu represents the cardinal direction of the east, his element is wood, his colors are blue-green and his season is first-flower (spring). Nobility born to the Blue-Green Dragon are said to be as inherently strong and flexible as bamboo, with a warm and generous spirit, and are considered to be out-going and altruistic. Their weakness is a lack of control and a quick temper. They are typically considered to be the best qualified as advocates and teachers.

Seiryuu is kept in check by the Vermillion Bird, supported by the Black Tortoise and keeps the Yellow Dragon in check.

Like the other Mugenese gods, Seiryuu is a protective deity that represents a principle element of the universe. Alongside the other principle deities, he protects Mugen from outer and extraplanar threats but also serves as the lord of loong dragons.

Qing-Loong, The Blue-Green Dragon of the East, The Celestial Son, The Guardian of Doors, The Spring Dragon


Power Level
Greater Deity

Chaotic Good

A blue-green loong dragon with the "mu" wood symbol
Spring, wood, courage, wrath, youth


Sages, teachers, travelers, woodsman, farmers
Favored Weapon
Clubs and staves

Holy Day(s)
Spring Wood Festival

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Monster Mash: K is for Karkinos!

The legendary karkinos is best known for its role as an emissary of various sea gods sent to waylay a hero on his quest or destroy a city that has earned their wrath. Inevitably, the beast is slain and the journey continues or the city makes amend and the beast returns to the sea. These creatures are mysterious, practically immortal and undeniably powerful.

Kings of the Crustaceans. The karkinos are giant crabs that spend most of their time rest in the depths of the deepest seas and oceans or burrowed into the ground. They are capable of hibernating for centuries until stirred but when they do awake from their slumber they are a sight to behold. These mighty behemoths stand tall over giants and only the mightiest of dragons can compare in size or might. They can easily trample cities that lay in their path and entire armies falter under its blows.

Misunderstood Myths. Despite their size and might, karkinos are not typically as destructive as other creatures of their size. They are simple and even timid creatures that attack in self-defense or as directed by the oceanic gods. Despite being manipulated into acting as machines of war by some evil creatures, such as mindflayers, karkinos seem to want to be left alone. They do become especially aggressive when other enormous creatures invade their territory and for this reason some clever civilizations have built their forts and cities on the backs of these beasts to ward off threats that are beyond their capabilities.

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Monster Mash: J is for Jerff

The jerff is a large spotted ermine beast found in the forested mountains of the Hold and the bordering territories. They are a paradox and the paradox hinges on the fullness of their stomach: when sated they are friendly and curious creatures but when hungry they become savage beasts that attack and eat more than they need.

"Feed the Jerff... The jerff are harmless when well-fed. They are omnivores and, as long as they can find plenty of insects, fruits, and small prey, are happy to make friends with other animals and humanoids. They are fluffy creatures that enjoy gamboling and playing with other creatures, surprisingly smart and quick-to-learn, and are a favorite animal of wood elves. Elves recommend that traveling parties befriend and feed a jerff. It will then follow you to the edge of its territory, which can span several miles, warding off threats, and even try to warn travelers off of dangerous paths with pitfalls. But the elves remind you to feed it well and often, especially if it is already drooling, as this is a sign the beast's territory has scant food, because if you don't, the jerff will turn on its friends in a mindless and ravenous rage.

... Or Be Eaten." The jerff is a creature with an extremely large appetite and an unfortunately large hypocampus that overrides their senses when they can't find enough food. When this happens, the jerff's kind eyes become dull and predatory, it drools and grumbles, and it sniffs at the air for any hint of food. They lose control and attack the nearest sources of food. They use their powerful claws and bites, knocking them aside with their whipping tails, and slay their prey so that they can gorge. When this hungry, the jerff will eat until it becomes sick with fullness.

Round As A Barrel. If food is placed before the jerff, hungry or full, it will eat it. It has no self-control. It will eat until it becomes sluggish, falls into a stupor, and collapses. When this happens, the jerff will usually first dig out a small burrow with its massive claws between two close trees to prevent itself from rolling down the mountainside in its sleep.