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Faiths of Sublanarya: Skao the Ice Queen

Skao's story begins with Delphina the Queen of the Sea and a mortal king who lived high in the mountains of the world.

The story goes that Delphina grew sick of her home in the waves and asked Soffia to help her a new home for Long-Night (Winter). Soffia usually discouraged her sisters incorrigible impulses, trying to sway her and direct her towards the best path, but seeing her sister sulking so much forced her to ignore her own better judgement. Soffia guided Delphina as sea water up into the clouds and let her fall with the snow in some high mountains.

It was there that she wandered along the glaciers and pointed peaks, enjoying the landscape at first, but finding herself rather lonely. Where were the sea birds and the schools of fish? Compared to her home, which was filled with the citizens of the shallows and the denizens of the deep, the mountains seemed so barren.

Eventually, she found a kingdom nestled by a lake and made her way there in mortal guise. It was close to the Year-End festival and the town was abuzz with preparations for a dance at the palace. Delphina cloaked herself in a gown of purest snow that drifted into the deepest blue of the darkest depths of the sea and made her way into town. The townsfolk were aghast at her beauty as she drifted between them; her presence sent a ripple of gossip that turned into a tidal wave of excitement at the presence of such a mysterious but undeniably noble lady. That night, at the ball, the young king himself was quick to vy for her attention and he won it.

Delphina fell in love with the mortal, overwhelmed by the warmth and cheer of the ball, and together they were soon married. She soon gave birth to a beautiful demigod daughter, Skao, who she loved dearly. Delphina kept her mortal guise for some time, though she began to long for the sea, and there were other problems:

When spring came, the local farmers complained that their crops would not grow. It seemed, with Delphina, came a salted snow that spoiled the arable land for miles and thus the town fell into depression. Between her own longing for the sea and the increasing desperation of the people, Delphina decided she must leave the mountains. She packed up, took for the sea, and left her husband and daughter behind. She was too heartbroken to tell them she was going and they searched for her all around.

Her husband grew ill from catching pneumonia, for he searched far too long and hard, and passed soon after. Dephina and the king's daughter was all alone.

The young newly crowned Queen Skao's heart grew colder and colder, locking herself away, and before long it turned to ice. The snow fell harder, freezing rain struck the mountainsides, and a harsh winter threatened her people. Skao realized she was responsible and fled into the mountains. When she did, the winter grew even fiercer. Soon legends were told of a frost giantess that lived high in the mountains and attacked anyone who entered her realm.

That winter, the peoples of the kingdom were desperate and the future seemed grim. They had no queen or king, they had no harvest or stores, and yet they still had hope. As they had for year after year, perhaps in memory of their beloved royal family, they set about preparing a Year-End festival in their winter-locked village. As they did, they felt a warmth between themselves and the harsh winds of Long-Night subsided. The snow fell lighter and lighter and the night sky cleared.

And, at the ball, they saw her.

Their young queen had returned, at least for one night, and she seemed filled with a joy that reminded them of the night that her parents met. She shared with them the ball and left before the sun was risen. The cold winds were calmed and the village survived the winter.

They were saved by the love of their Ice Queen.

To this day, high in the mountains of the world, a seat is usually left empty at any Year-End celebration in case Skao decides to pay a visit.


The Ice Queen, The Blizzardess, The Lady of Winter, The White Witch,

New Gods

Power Level
Intermediary Deity

Chaotic Neutral

A snowflake

Winter, wind, ice, travel, mountains, skiing and winter sports, hunting

Arcana, Tempest, Death

Mountaineers and mountainfolk, hunters,

Favored Weapon
The bow and arrow, the spear

Holy Day(s)

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