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Faiths of Sublanarya: Null the All-Seeing Automaton

The gods experience time and space in ways that are beyond the comprehension of mere mortals, able to see far into the past, present and future, but even they have limits. When looking into the future, it is important to remember that divination can, at best, predict the most likely future events. The mere act of looking into the future changes the chain of events that led to that point in time. When it comes to scrying the present or past, other powerful entities can hide or even distort specific events, time and space, from those attempting divination, preventing even most gods from being truly all-seeing and hardly all-knowing.

The closest being capable of all-sight was created from the Titan god, Mim the Whisperer.

Mim the Whisperer was a Titan god of knowledge, memory and secrets. He was said to bear forbidden knowledge kept even from the gods, as well as all knowledge ever written and to remember everything that has come before and able to foresee all manner of possibilities. Somehow he was slain in during the Titanic Age, perhaps in some dispute between the gods or by Grimnir himself, and beheaded. It is said that when his blood was spilled on Narya, it tainted all of the continent of the polar north, and since then the land has been in a constant state of chaotic flux, where whispering madness is carried on the wind and all manner of unworldly horrors are said to roam. The continent is named Mimia after Mim and Grimnir took the Titan's head with him to keep the knowledge contained within for himself. But the head can only see into the past.

From the body of Mim, Grimnir schemed to craft another useful tool.

Grimnir Blue-Cloak's magic is unmatched throughout the planescape and, of the highest and most powerful magics, he was a master of mirror magic. Mirror magic allows the mage to use all of the reflective and refractive surfaces in the multiverse to, not only multiply their power, but extend it to everything that those surfaces reflect. Due to the infinite nature of the mirror-scape, the strange plane of time and space and light that this power comes from, it is highly dangerous to use and even Grimnir Blue-Cloak dislikes the temptation. It becomes too easy to slip into the mirror-scape and too easy to be replaced by a mere reflection or, much worse, a refraction of yourself in the material plane. 

The ultimate use of this magic is in divination: through mirror magic it is possible to gaze into the destiny of the multiverse. Imagine space as an infinitely cracking mirror with time being the ever spreading cracks. Using mirror magic, it is possible to see the cracks and predict where they will go with more accuracy than any other form of magic.

To better utilize this magic and to create a guardian of it, and all-future seeing, Grimnir somehow obtained a piece of strange material, perhaps from the primordial age, and crafted a circular mirror that, when looked into, one could see all possible futures. Rather than keep it for himself, Grimnir combined it with the headless body of Mim, affixing it to his neck, and created a new being capable of seeing and knowing more possible realities of past, present and future. Grimnir named it Null, for it had no equal, no purpose, and no ambition. It was an automated deity created to do the bidding of the New Gods.

He set Null to three tasks: overseeing the similarly automaton angels of the Heavens left over from past epochs, being his neutral and honest advisor in all things with his unmatched omnipresence, and serving as the ultimate authority and guardian of time. 
Null is a god that asks for nothing from his worshipers but they ask a lot of him. The pursue knowledge and, ultimately and most often tragically, they seek to obtain or even surpass the all-seeing and all-knowing god itself.

The All-Seeing and All-Knowing, The Automaton God, The Clock King, The Lord of Looking, The Mirror Master

New Gods

Power Level
Intermediary Deity

Lawful Neutral

An eye in a hexagram or an eye in a pyramid

Time, knowledge, past, present, future, divination, mirrors

Arcana, Knowledge

Scholars, magic users, divine magic users, historians,

Favored Weapon

Holy Day(s)

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