Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Faiths of Sublanarya Excerpt: Killhart the Loyal Hound

Killhart the Loyal Hound

A a young noble father of Albyon returned home from a hunt to discover his newborn son was missing from its nursery and the cradle overturned. The noble's hound, Killhart, approached him, tail wagging, with face and paws smeared in blood. Believing the dog had attacked the child, the nobleman drew his sword and struck Killhart down. The yelp of the dog stirred a cry from the baby who was secure under the crib. In the adjoining room, the noble found a large dire wolf slain by Killhart to protect the child. Overcome with remorse, the lord held the dog in his arms, weeping bitter tears and begging his loyal friend's forgiveness. The dog licked at his tears before succumbing to his wounds. The lord buried the dog to great pomp and circumstance in the town square, many townsfolk gathering and were said to weep at the telling of the tale, and the noble carried a heavy burden the rest of his life. But that was not the end of Killhart.

The son of the nobleman was cornered by a lyndwurm, wounded and exhausted after being chased through a half-frozen lake, and in a moment of desperation, called out for Killhart. And the hound, massive and bright, came bounding over the horizon, tackling and slaying the beast that threatened his young master. Killhart had saved him again. Killhart served him as a loyal companion and the two went on many adventures until the dog was slain in another act of heroism. But this was too was not the end of Killhart. He returned to Albyon, time and time again, to save children and young heroes from mortal peril, following them loyally, until returning to his place in the celestial courts. Truly, Killhart is the loyalest of hounds.

God-Hound, Loyal Hound, Friend of Heroes, Guardian of Children, Unkillable Killhart


Power Level
Lesser Diety


A loyal dog

Pet Meadow

Dogs, loyalty, children, guardianship, heroism, monster-slaying,

Animal, Good, Protection, Nature

Shepherds, children, hunters, dog breeders and trainers, intelligent dogs, Cu Sidhe
Favored Weapon

Holy Day(s)
Every year the township of Killhart and other towns throw a dog festival as a memorial day to Killhart in First-Flower.

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